The Dog Wash

Our Enclosed Station

Our self-serve dog wash is an easy and convenient way to clean your dog. The process is simple, first choose the program that fits your dog’s size: Small Breed for 10 minutes at €10.00, Medium Breed for 15 minutes at €12.50, or Large Breed for 20 minutes at €15.00. There is an option for 5 minutes for €5.00 if you want a quick water rinse or top up.

Lead your dog into the tub, and if required attach a chain to their collar which will should help if your dog moves around a lot.

We recommend bringing a treat for your dog to ease them into the process. After paying, the time will be loaded on the screen and you’ll have access to different functions in this order: Natural Shampoo, Rinse, Natural Conditioner, Rinse, Flea Wash, and finally a Blow Dry that gradually increases in strength. Once finished, you’ll have 20 seconds to disinfect the tub for the next customer.

What products do we use

At The Dog Wash, we believe in using only the best, even if it costs us a little extra. That’s why we only use 100% all natural products in our self serve dog wash. We understand the importance of using natural and safe products on your pet’s sensitive skin and are dedicated to providing the highest quality grooming experience for your furry friend. You can trust that when you choose The Dog Wash, you’re giving your dog the best possible care. For data sheets on any of our products, please reach out to